WP-Lister Pro for Ebay v2.0.12 + 2.0.13beta – WPLab

WP-Lister Pro for Ebay v2.0.12 + 2.0.13beta – WPLab

WP-Lister connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.
2.0.13 - Beata
new responsive (mobile friendly) default template without active content
added filter hook wplister_attribute_values_separator to allow the changing of attribute values separator (e.g. from
to a comma)
added option to allow the profile price rules to be applied to a product's ebay_start_price
added support for refunded ebay orders by setting the order's status to refunded, creating a wc_refund line item and restore product stock level
improved WooCommerce Orders page layout on mobile devices
improved support for Loco Translate, created new .pot file and fixed the text domain on some strings
include the post_excerpt when processing shortcodes and links
pull meta data from the parent listing if the item is a single (split) variation
do not output HTML errors for request through AJAX or the REST API
increased maximum length for ItemSpecifics and VariationSpecifics from 50 to 65 characters and added maxlength attribute to form fields
store the currency before storing the order total to allow currency switcher to work when saving order totals
fixed possible division by 0 warnings when creating orders in WooCommerce
fixed possible incorrect listing duration on listings page when running search query

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