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Can you guarantee how much money your store is going to make this month? If you offered subscription-based products, you could do just that.

With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can create and manage products with recurring payments — payments that will give you residual revenue you can track and count on.

WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to introduce a variety of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. Create product of the month clubs, weekly service subscriptions or even yearly software billing packages. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials or set expiration periods.

A subscription-based model will allow you to capture more residual revenue — and all you have to do is ship the orders.
2017.03.06 - version 2.1.4
* Tweak: Lengthen PayPal IPN lock to 5 days to prevent creating duplicate renewal orders when a fatal error occurs in processing the IPN. Prevoiusly the lock was set to 5 minutes, meaning on the 2nd IPN would be ignored. Given fatal errors will rarely be fixed within 5 minutes, Subscriptions will now ignore 5 days worth of IPN retries.(PR#1838
* Tweak: Log exceptions caught while updating subscription statuses to make it easier to diagnose issues with 3rd party code and hosting environment that occur during status transitions. PR#1842
* Tweak: Remove lingering compatibility code for WooCommerce prior to version 2.4 as version 2.3 and older have not been supported since v2.1. PR#1750
* Fix: Changing payment method on manually added subscriptions. When manually creating a subscription via the WooCommerce > Add Subscription administration screen, make sure the order key meta data is set so its available when changing payment methods on that subscription. PR#1849
* Fix: Make sure customer and admin retry emails are always sent after the initial retry by making sure the WooCommerce mailer has be setup. PR#1840
* Fix: Do not suspend subscriptions using PayPal Standard as the payment method when switching using PayPal Reference Transactions as the payment method. PR#1831
* Fix: Calculate correct next payment date for subscriptions suspended for more than 30 billing periods e.g. 1 month for a daily subscription, 2.5 years for a month subscription etc. PR#1846
* Fix: Do not update the status of a failed or pending renewal order when changing the payment method on a subscription. PR#1720
* Fix: Make sure free shipping is available as a recurring shipping method for subscription products with a free trial or synced to a date in the future if the recurring total exceeds the Minimum Order Amount required for free shipping. PR#1830
* Fix: Do not incorrectly double slash some JavaScript file URLs. Fixes JavaScript on the WooCommerce > Edit Subscription administration screen with some hosts. PR#1853
* Fix: Do not copy backorder line item meta data to subscriptions or renewal orders for in-stock products. PR#1855
* Fix: Do not apply dynamic discounts from the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension to renewal or resubcribe carts to avoid discounts being compounded when manually renewing or resubscribing. PR#1852
* Fix: Do not switch to staging mode when site is using the WP_SITEURL constant to set the site URL to a value that differs to the URL stored in the database. Uses WP_SITEURL constant now for site url when it is set, and get_site_url() only its not set. PR#1717
* Fix: Correct typo on the Customer Suspensions tooltip on the WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions > Miscellaneous administration screen. PR#1868
* Fix: Only setup automatic payments after switching if automatic payments are enabled. PR#1865

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