WhatsClone With Socket – Codecanyon 17553421

WhatsClone With Socket – Codecanyon 17553421

Welcome Activity Features:
Sign up with phone number .
Search for a country to select code .
SMS verification .
Resend a new request if user didn’t receive any code .
Conversation Features:
Show all conversation list (users conversations And groups conversations) …
Update 11/10/2016
Add image/video preview .
decrease APK size from 17mb to 14mb (use native codes instead of some libraries ).
Add Compress images .
Add badge counter for some phones.
Fix old bugs .
Some improvements of performances (realm issues and memory leaks) .
Add syncAdapter to syncing contacts and add user to account manager on user phone like whatsapp do to make contacts updating .
Fix phone numbers bug (country codes) .
Add new animations for messages activity .
Fix groups and emoticons bugs .
Add Share feature so you can share from the app or you can share from the other apps to your app .
Add popup message for quick reply .
Improve security on the application side also on the backend side .
Recreate socket system.
Get safe files from server.
Some design changes and update documentation.

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