By | February 26, 2017

Web 2.0 Directory plugin provides an ability to build any kind of business directory site: classifieds, events directory, cars, bikes, boats and other vehicles dealers site, pets, real estate portal, wedding site, yellow pages, local directories, listings on the map.
WordPress directory plugin for any needs.
Version 1.13.4
- improvement in content fields, listings levels, locations levels for WPML String Translations
- improvement: adapted for noindex functionality of Yoast SEO plugin
- improvement: load listings by ajax call on search request on the index page when "Show listings on index page" is off
- improvement: new option for text string content fields - for mobile devices adds special phone tag when this field is used as phone number
- bug fix: available listings for users were not set after purcahse of WooCommerce packages
- bug fix: contact form "from" and "reply to" fields contain email of listing owner instead of sender
- bug fix: some email address formats are not supported for email fields
- bug fix: address field description was missed at the frontend dashboard

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