By | November 22, 2016

VideoPro v2.0.2 Video WordPress Theme

The most powerful WordPress theme for video-based websites. Built upon our True Mag theme, biggest video theme on market, VideoPro has more unique features which help you to build any kind of video websites. Whether it is about game, movie, news, entertainment, science… VideoPro can do it!
#Fix: incorrect Back link when going to Edit Video page from Public Profile
#Fix: Tag suggestion of Advance Search Form
#Fix: option to hide comments count in Single Video page
#Fix: when creating first playlist in channel, it does not appear
#Fix: missing Edit Playlist button
#Fix: https issue with Google Reponsive Ad shortcode
#Update: add Delete link in Edit Popup of Channel and Playlist for quick action
#Update: improve RTL and language files
#Update: able to select Ads from dropdown
#Update: option to change Categories, Channels, Playlists checkbox and radio group into Dropdown
#Update: add option to Force Using JWPlayer for YouTube videos
#Update: add filter to change number of videos in single actor page (
#Update: support hierarchical layout in Categories widget
#Update: add option to set default status for User-Generated Content in Video Extensions > Membership Settings

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