By | March 19, 2017

Say hello to Snax – the first front-end uploader with Open Lists. Boost your site traffic by letting users create and share viral content for you. It’s so easy even your grandma can do it!
# NEW - Trivia quiz
# NEW - Personality quiz
# NEW - Frontend quizzes (frontend uploader formats)
# NEW - Backend quizzes (for admins)
# NEW - Auto featured images for embeds
# NEW - Fake votes
# NEW - WPML compatibility
# NEW - Email notifications when new post/item is submitted for review
# NEW - Skip verification step option
# Fixed - Items upload limits
# Fixed - %%items%% placeholder is not replaced for a single item title
# Fixed - Vote counter set to -1 on BuddyPress posts
# Fixed - Snax specific url parts are not applied for BuddyPress urls
# Fixed - Block dashborad access for non-administrators
# Fixed - Classic and ranked list don't work if the Open List format is not active
# Fixed - Permalink slug edit doesn't get saved after clicking the publish button
# Fixed - PHP warnings for some specific server configurations
# Fixed - Spotify embed
# Fixed - Story featured image is not cleared after post submission
# Fixed - Top and Bottom Text can't be changed via child theme

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