SMS – School Management System v4.0

SMS – School Management System v4.0

Management system for all types of educational institutions like schools and colleges.
Before install, please read in user manual folder file “before_install.pdf”
For install use custom install process that integrate into SMS system
During installation you can select multi school system or not SMS have update wizard for update SMS system into next version, if there any database changes it will be start in first start of application. Add OPEN API for get marks for school years, semesters, section and students groups on school websites.
Can use multi SMS API for send SMS messages: CallFire, EzTexting, LabsMobile, Mozeo, Nexmo, Twilio, Zenvia
Integrates and facilitates 8 types of user accounts of a school:
Super Administrator.
Human resurces.
version 4.0
Upgrade to last Laravel 5.3 and other new version of composer packages
New theme for secure and frontend part
Add parent, librarian, student and teacher NEW version of REST API
Teacher can work on many schools with one login data
Admin and Human resources can add/edit/delete teachers only from his school
Super admin can set up mark system for subject
Auto complete data during add new teacher into school if user exists in system
Super admin define directions for school
Admin can add student groups only using directions for his school
Teacher can add study materials for his subject
Admin and Human resources can import list of his teachers
Admin can import list of his students
Super Admin can import list of subjects for directions
Teacher can create online exams and see answers and points for students
Able to send automatic message to parent when student get maker or attendance
Every user can change in profile settings does he like to get SMS message from school
Show list of debtors
Admin can send sms/email to debtors
Fixed stripe payment
Add print invoice to parents
Only students see certificate
Students can pay invoices
If no transportation student,parent and teacher can’t see it
Small fixes in all roles

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