By | September 24, 2016

SMS – School Management System v3.14

Management system for all types of educational institutions like schools and colleges.
Before install, please read in user manual folder file “before_install.pdf”
For install use custom install process that integrate into SMS system
During installation you can select multi school system or not SMS have update wizard for update SMS system into next version, if there any database changes it will be start in first start of application. Add OPEN API for get marks for school years, semesters, section and students groups on school websites.
Can use multi SMS API for send SMS messages: CallFire, EzTexting, LabsMobile, Mozeo, Nexmo, Twilio, Zenvia
Integrates and facilitates 8 types of user accounts of a school:
Super Administrator.
Human resurces.
version 3.14
Fix in add exam
Fixing issue books and events
Bug-fix in superadmin navigation
Fix date format and message after teacher failed login
Fixing issue and return books

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