Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.9 – Codecanyon 6539169

Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.9 – Codecanyon 6539169

Why is Real estate agency portal script your best choice for real estate business?
You can earn money providing listing and featured submissions for visitors on portal with PayPal/Cash/Bank transfer payment support.
You can earn money with Google AdSense or other similar service.
You can add custom fields (textareas, inputs, dropdowns, upload) / Indoor amenities / Outdoor amenities / distances direct from Admin interface (No programming skills needed)
Top notch multilanguage (Backend+Frontend) features like auto-translating with MyMemory API service and Google translator (manually corrections are also supported), RTL, look this extra simplicity, try administration!
Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different price on different language and different purposes Sale/Rent )
Exclusive innovation on results filtering (Very simple, intuitive and powerful), you must try this on our live preview!
Supported front-end and backend user-types/roles with submissions: Admin, Agent and front-end Agent/User with admin verification.
Front-end Facebook login for extra lazy guys.
Each agent/agency and user have public profile page with all listings, logo can be listed on homepage.
Enquires system for you and your agents in administration.
Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, pages, fields.
Innovative drag & drop Menu and pages builder with logical page structure embedded.
Check in / check out dates for rental purpose.
Backup your database and files direct from administration.
Easy to make new custom theme, Bootstrap responsive example with 6 color styles provided and nice documentation.
Track your visitors with Google Analytics.
Based on Codeigniter, so if you know it you can easy customize anything you want.
Incredible support, documentation, knowledge base, FAQ section and quick answering on any issue!
How to null ( I have not checked to make sure it is working )
You can Bypass request code:
On file “…application/controllers/configurator.php”
remove manually:
'field' => 'codecanyon_username',
'label' => 'lang:codecanyon_username',
'rules' => 'required'
'field' => 'codecanyon_code',
'label' => 'lang:codecanyon_code',
'rules' => 'required|callback_check_purchase'
or you can use codecanyon username = sanljiljan codecanyon code= sanljiljan
**if you try on localhost, Disconnect your internet first **

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