By | November 22, 2016

MicrojobEngine v1.1.4 Micro Jobs Marketplace WordPress Theme

Build your micro job marketplace platform. Connect all potential buyers and sellers. Fast and convenient. Connect people in need with professionals to get things done. Make money from your niche community.
See how buyer – John and seller – Jessica find, connect, and work with each other…

MicrojobEngine 1.1.4
New skin for homepage
Change the price number format selection
Change the mJob category selection. Checkbox is appropriately replaced by ratio to sync with the front-end
Add the blog template for better blog page display
Enable/disable options for local timezone & edit mJob is available
Update & re-design the chat box. Also, users can enter “Shift + Enter” to do line break from this version
Display the status of a mJob for admin & mJob owner
Support rounding price in the extra package of a mJob
Change the appearance of each mJob order action in the mJob detail page

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