Literatum – Just Write v1.4.3 – WordPress Themes

Literatum – Just Write v1.4.3 – WordPress Themes

Literatum is a perfect theme for writers and online journals/magazines that are looking to display their articles in a clean and modern way, with an easy navigation and focusing the reader?s attention on the content.

All Literatum configuration options are integrated and use native WordPress functions for ease the managing, avoiding struggle in dealing with third complex configuration panels that become obsolete over time. This makes it a perfect theme for both advanced and beginners WordPress users.
Version 1.4.3
- Improved KTT framework (engine thats runs under the theme)
- Improved CSS combine function (added cache, better performance and other options).
- Added "Load your custom css styles urls" option
- Added "Load your own js files" option.
- Added the option to execute js code in the footer
- Fixed minor bugs

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