By | November 20, 2016

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System v3.4

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System is a restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system.
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Merchant Administration Features:
Easy to manage food item.
Manage addon category.
Size’s for food item eg. smal or large.
Has Option for cooking reference eg. Well done, Medium rare etc
Manage address , tax , delivery charges , Receipt Message etc.
Send email notification to owner once there is new order.
Payment Gateway:
Accept payment using paypal. you can set the paypal to sandbox for testing.
Accept Payment using offline credit cards.
Sales report.
Sales report by item.
Sales summary report.
All reports can be exported to excel csv file.
Sales charts for last 30 days.
Sales charts by item.
fixed - get app link in the footer when viewing in mobile device
fixed - error in merchant access
fixed - error in getting value of msg91 settings
fixed - home link not working
fixed - merchant user login to include is commision fields
fixed - link in merchant panel view restaurant
fixed - food item link when viewing in mobile device
fixed - logo link remove /store
new - add count in cart icon when viewing in mobile device

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