Karenderia Mobile App v1.3.4 – Codecanyon 13800275

Karenderia Mobile App v1.3.4 – Codecanyon 13800275

Karenderia Mobile App is a customer ordering version for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System.
Karenderia mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done.
its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.
fixed - table mobile_registered not updating correctly
fixed - search sorting
fixed - open and pre order tag
fixed - decimal place if set to zero format is not working
fixed - default address not saving
fixed - menu
fixed - category name does not translate
fixed - remove cash on delivery available if turn off by admin
fixed - paypal payment not processable error
fixed - pay delivery merchant membership payment list
fixed - delivery fee on search results
fixed - earn points not adding when creating account
fixed - earn points by review
fixed - earn points on first order
fixed - IOS badge not being clear
fixed - change rating text field to stars
fixed - book a table mobile phone to have country code prefix
new - change plugin for enabling gps
new - update font awesome to 4.6.3
new - add distance,delivery distance and delivery estimation in search results
new - add razorpay payment provider
new - saved the cart on database instead on device
new - change loader
new - add easy access for category
new - add filter by restaurant name in search result page
new - add pop over menu on restaurant page
new - add new page for map with map directions
new - add custom fields customer signup
new - add terms & condition on customer signup
new - add mobile auto country code prefix
new - driver app auto insert task
new - add customer verification page
new - allow the customer to see the menu even if merchant is closed
new - voucher can not be applied if the merchant has an offer to avoid double discount
new - add deliver asap checkbox button
new - add track your order
new - add enter contact number if customer contact number is empty during checkout pickup transaction
new - add push sound to notification

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