By | September 24, 2016

imageshare imgur clone – Codecanyon 17718818

Visitors can upload images anonymously and get short links for uploaded images. Visitors can also register and upload and if they want share their uploads with the community.

Shared uploads which are called albums can be commented on, voted on and favorited. Albums can be named, images can be named and given description. There is inifinite scrolling for albums and for comments. Comments can be voted on as well. Each registered user can vote, favorite and comment albums. They can create their own albums and upload images to them. These albums can either be private or public and can be shared with the community.
Update 2016-09-20 Added social sharing option. Created Settings area in the Admin area so admin can update application name and some other settings. Note: when testing demo if you enter through Envato Pintrest button will not work. To get it to work close the frame by clicking on “Remove Frame” you can see it on this picture: After that Pintrest will work.

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