By | March 18, 2017

Frontend Submissions provides a full-featured package to turn your Easy Digital Downloads powered website into complete marketplace, similar to ThemeForest, Etsy, Creative Market, and other online marketplaces.

With Frontend Submissions, users can register and apply to become a vendor, manage their products from the frontend, view their orders, communicate with customers, control their public profile, and more. All of this happens on the frontend of your website through the Vendor’s Dashboard.
Version 2.4.6
New: File Upload field now includes support for limiting uploads to specific file types
Tweak: User ID shown on vendor details page now linked to user edit screen
Tweak: Log in form now supports logging in with email
Tweak: Admin tool bar no longer shown to pending or suspended vendor accounts
Tweak: Use meta caps instead of outdated user roles for vendors
Tweak: fes_get_attachment_id() function now uses attachment_url_to_postid() function
Tweak: Improved function that retrieves vendor product counts
Fix: Incorrect edd-required indicator class on input fields
Fix: "Use FES's CSS" option not enabled by default on new installs
Fix: Session variables used to detect edit and create screens can get mixed up
Fix: Default value not shown in text fields
Fix: reCaptcha field does not work on vendor contact form
Fix: Repeat fields save values as "Array" if fields are left empty
Fix: Import / export of forms does not work

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