Flash Alert SMS, Call, Notification – Codecanyon 18936103

Flash Alert SMS, Call, Notification – Codecanyon 18936103

Flash Notification – Flashlight like iPhone when incoming call, sms, app notification.
APK real demo : https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz6dmgppc7w2eii/8.Flash%20Notification.apk?dl=1
+ Android Studio Project + Admob Added ( 2 banner + 1 full_intersitial )
Notification for all App – You can select app to enable flash alerts for. – All app is supported
Common feature – Blink flash alerts when have call – Blink flash alerts when have SMS – Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call and incoming SMS and Notification – You can turn on or turn off service by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode
Advance – Allow change speed of flash light alert – Stop flash alerts with volume or power key – Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help you save battery.

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