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Extra v2.0.17 – Premium WordPress ElegantThemes

Exra is the perfect theme for bloggers and online-publication. It’s powered by the Divi Builder, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create diverse categories, homepages and story-driven posts that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more…
version 2.0.17
- Fixed a problem that caused some websites to not receive theme update notifications when hosted on servers using old versions of OpenSSL.
- Added backup API call for theme updates due to the fact that some countries were unable to connect to particular IP ranges, and to improve reliability in the event of network downtime.
- Fixed a bug that made it difficult to click (+) buttons that appeared below bar counter modules with a single bar.
- Fixed a bug in the Visual Builder that caused slider slides to disappear when their content was empty after having been added in the Backend Builder and then re-saved in the Visual Builder.
- Fixed an issue where certain localized characters did not load properly on servers running PHP 5.3 and below.
- Divi Builder shortcodes will now render correctly when placed inside of Post Slider modules.
- Improved compatibility of the Comments module when used in third party themes and added using the Visual Builder.
- Added delay to the Visual Builder data validation to prevent interruption while typing in settings values.
- Row outlines that appear for empty rows in the Visual Builder will no longer overlay module settings buttons on hover.
- Fixed an JS error that occurred when enabling custom button styles in the Visual Builder in some cases.
- Removed irrelevant caption design settings from the gallery module modal when grid mode is disabled.
- Removed irrelevant hover icon design settings from the filterable portfolio module when grid mode is disabled.
- Fixed an error that occurred when an empty row was saved to the Divi Library and then that empty row was loaded onto an empty page (yep, that happened).

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