Classiads v3.6 Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Classiads v3.6 Classified Ads WordPress Theme

The ClassiAds is a Premium Classified WordPress theme, super flexible and has a fully responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 and CSS3 . A lot of thought and care were put into ClassiAds making it a pleasure to use.
V3.6 Updated
+ Boostrap 3 Added ----- updated
+ Search Result with loadmore ajax button ----- updated
+ Admin can edit all post from frontend ----- updated
+ Blog news section on homepage update ----- updated
+ Section Title Style ----- updated
+ Fontawesome 4.7 ----- updated
+ Redux Famework Latest Version Updated 3.6.2 ----- updated
+ Category Box Load More with ajax ----- updated
+ Owl slider replaced with horizontal slider ----- updated
+ Separate banner from adsense in theme options. ----- updated
+ Add Pagination on profile page and author.php Pagination ----- updated
+ JQuery File Uploader Image add in Post Submit Page ----- updated
+ Notification About Post to post author email ----- updated
+ New Currecny Setting ---- Update
+ Redux option new 2 field added for custom css and javascript ---- updated
+ pot file and ar.po file --- updated
+ Dynamic Captch below contact form ------------------ Fixed
+ Image uploading limit ------------------ Fixed
+ Post add new page select box change with chosen-------- Fixed
+ Blog category page ------ Fixed
+ Username with (Sepcial Characeters) cannot register ------ Fixed
+ Add new add without location error ------ Fixed
+ Child theme ------ Fixed
+ Google+ double icon on header ------ Fixed
+ Alphabetically category and location ------ Fixed
+ Error messages on login page position issue ------ Fixed
+ Social popup on single page ---- Fixed
+ Leave message to author not human error ---- Fixed
+ Extra dot on single image slider ---- Fixed
+ Plan Submit Button Two times gives double plan with single payment ---- Fixed
+ Admin assigned plan not working with feature ad counter on profile page ---- Fixed
+ Responsivness issue ------- fixed

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