Calendarize it! v4.3.2.73881 WordPress Plugin

Calendarize it! v4.3.2.73881 WordPress Plugin

Calendarize it! was originally created without support for Visual Composer. Please notice that you do not need Visual Composer to use the plugin, but if you have Visual Composer you can take advantage of the built-in compatibility with this plugin and build your own templates using the popular drag and drop page builder in Visual Composer.
Bug Fixed: PHP warning in backend on some sites (combat.php line 25)
Bug Fixed: Make Server Side loading the default loading method in the rhc_upcoming_events shortcode.
Bug Fixed: When using Ajax load in the Upcoming Events Widget the title is not rendered
Bug Fixed: Multiple day events that end in a different month is not showing in Events Map View, when the filter for the end month or month in between is selected. Only showing on the starting month.
Bug Fixed: Date format saving issue for the datetime field
Bug Fixed: When creating an event and adding a recurring pattern the event is not shown on the last occurrence in the recurring pattern
Bug Fixed: In some sites using Event Map View the Taxonomy Filters don’t work when not in Fullscreen mode
Update: Repack and minify Javascript

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