By | November 18, 2016

Ask Me v3.8 – Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress

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Ask Me v3.8 is the questions and answers WordPress theme, it’s come with a more features. Ask me has a profile pages for the user, question pages and answers pages.
Unlimited Sidebars.
Unlimited Colors.
3 Headers style Light and dark.
Advanced Post/page options – custom background color/image, custom colors, custom layout ( right sidebar, left sidebar, full-width), hide/show elements, page comments, and more …
+ Add option to set point when add a new post.
+ Add option to show the free coupons when add a new question.
+ Add new widget to show the button ask a question.
+ Add a new features at home page template to add the categories you need to show.
+ Add a new icon at admin bar with count posts at the draft to can review them.
+ Add a new features to show all the payment history.
+ Add a new note at single question to show if this paid question.
+ Add a new note for admin only at single question to show the Transaction id if this a paid question.
+ Add a new note for admin only at single question to show if this transaction is from PayPal sandbox.
+ Add a the point for new post at the badges & points page.
=== Fixed ===
+ Fixed sticky sidebar issue.
+ Minor bug fixes.

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